Design & Build

Working with you to create something new.


Designing and Manufacturing equipment and stands with our clients is one of our more challenging offerings but by far the most satisfying. This aspect of the business allows us to work closely with clients gaining an understanding of the requirements of the project and the brand, resulting in a solution that fulfils the brief.


From initial concepts, development of prototypes to final production versions, Halo Expo work quickly to cover all aspects and incorporate changes required in order to provide a product that inspires.


Inspiring is a crucial aspect in field sales/national promotions as well keeping within brand and marketing parameters. Our experience and knowledge in these fields also ensures the practicality and durability of equipment when considering the end user environment.


Our Successful pitch and delivery during a rebrand for Shell Energy shows the speed and efficiency in delivering a product which the National Sales Director remarked as ‘nailing every aspect of the brief’.


During the confidential launch Halo Expo ensured many units were ready at locations across the UK for a new and exciting chapter for Shell Energy.


We were so proud to be part of this major rebrand and continue to work with the Shell Energy.

Take a look behind the scenes at our design process and some of our proudest creations so far:

 And it doesn’t stop there…

Got an idea that you’re not sure where to take to make it a reality?
Don’t hesitate to run it past us. You might be surprised what we can put together, meet Fluffball, a promotional gift we were tasked to create and regular around the Halo office: